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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpessimistpes‧si‧mist /ˈpesəmɪst/ noun [countable]  EXPECTsomeone who always expects that bad things will happen opp optimist Don’t be such a pessimist!
Examples from the Corpus
pessimistWith beta software, it pays to be a pessimist and not harbor unrealistic expectations.Don't be such a pessimist - I'm sure things will work out.Don't be such a pessimist - I'm sure you'll pass your driving test!Let puritans and pessimists damn, disapprove or dismiss these appetites; that is their loss.Most accountants tend to be pessimists.After all, their brokers and investment bankers win business by being optimists, not pessimists.Burke is remembered as a poetic pessimist.Some estimates put the close of year figure at 2,050 - 150 points lower than the worst of last week's pessimists.But still, he stayed out there shovelling, confounding the pessimists even though his task was clearly hopeless.The pessimists feared the Conservatives' nine seats could even be wiped out north of the border.
From Longman Business Dictionarypessimistpes‧si‧mist /ˈpesəmɪst/ noun [countable] someone who always expects that things will get worse or that bad things will happen in the futurePessimists are predicting a downturn in the economy. opposite optimistpessimistic adjectivepessimism noun [uncountable]
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