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petalpet‧al /ˈpetl/ ●●○ noun [countable]  rose.jpg HBPone of the coloured parts of a flower that are shaped like leaves rose petals The flower has seven petals.
Examples from the Corpus
petalThe small brass starburst in the center of the face seems somewhat ornamental, like a tiny flower with eight petals.Sometimes the streets are decorated with flower petals, although this custom is dying out.And eventually you'd notice that it had petals around the horizon.His portrait and chair have been garlanded with marigolds and strewn with crimson rose petals.It even tells you how to make a rosary out of rose petals and water and salt and oil paint.Rose petals are too strong; they curl and will not stick on to the clay.He shed tears the way a flower sheds petals, they fell to the ground, lay scattered round his feet.
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