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Mandelson, Peter

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishMandelson, PeterPeter MandelsonMan‧del‧son, Peter /ˈmændlsən/  (1953–) a British politician in the Labour Party. From 1987 to 1997, he was in charge of planning and organizing all the party's election attempts, and he is thought of as a typical example of a spin doctor (=someone who tries to influence news reporting so that it is always favourable to his party). He became a member of the Cabinet after the 1997 election. In 1998 he was forced to leave his job because of a financial scandal, but after a year he came back into the Cabinet. In 2001 he had to leave the Cabinet again after another scandal. In 2004 the Prime Minister Tony Blair made him a European commissioner. During the time when Gordon Brown was prime minister, Mandelson was given various jobs including being secretary of state for Business, Innovation and Skills. His official title is The Lord Mandelson.
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