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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpethidinepeth‧i‧dine /ˈpeθədiːn/ noun [uncountable]  a drug used to reduce severe pain, given especially to women who are giving birth
Examples from the Corpus
pethidineIntravenous midazolam and pethidine were used to provide sedation and analgesia throughout the procedure.Then there are pethidine injections, which are also quite commonly given to lessen the pain.She was given pethidine cover while it was done, and is resting now.She was prescribed antibiotics and analgesics including pethidine, which is a narcotic drug, and given oxygen.Miss T. was given another dose of pethidine.Give him the pethidine, then.Drips had been put up, pethidine given, stomach tubes passed.Rigors can be treated with pethidine.
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