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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpetrifiedpet‧ri‧fied /ˈpetrɪfaɪd/ adjective  1 FRIGHTENEDextremely frightened, especially so frightened that you cannot move or thinkpetrified of I’m petrified of spiders.petrified with fright/fear He was petrified with fear when he saw the gun.see thesaurus at frightened2 petrified wood/trees etcpetrify verb [transitive]
Examples from the Corpus
petrifiedHe had the gun pointed at my head. I was absolutely petrified.As I say, I was petrified!Sitting in the rear, maybe it had felt worse, but I'd been petrified.She just stood there, petrified at the thought of the crowds waiting outside.I used to be petrified of these dragons, even though I knew they probably didn't exist.She's a very nervous dog, and she's petrified of traffic.Firemen secured the bus with ropes to stop it tumbling over the edge before escorting the petrified passengers to safety.There's no need to look like a petrified rabbit.He was petrified with fear as I held my knife in front of him.Their L-shaped living rooms were graced by open fireplaces, with the latest shapes in petrified wood adorning the mantelpieces.It moved aside the earth and found the petrified wood that was the heart in the forest.petrified ofAren't you petrified of earthquakes?
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