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petty crime

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpetty crimepetty crimeSCCa crime that is not serious, for example stealing things that are not very valuable petty
Examples from the Corpus
petty crimeHow do three-strikers endure the thought of spending life in prison for a relatively petty crime?Johnson had two prior convictions for residential burglaries and a history of petty crimes.There's petty crime and crime on a grand scale, well organised.If the government no longer differentiates between petty crime and murder, why should they?As the years had progressed a series of petty crimes had seen him in remand homes, borstals and finally prison.Stretched to the limit ... police chief says petty crime is going unchecked.He has convictions there for a number of theft and similar petty crime offences since leaving St Patrick's.
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