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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpheromonepher‧o‧mone /ˈferəməʊn $ -moʊn/ noun [countable usually plural]  a chemical that is produced by people’s and animals’ bodies and is thought to influence the behaviour of other people or animals
Examples from the Corpus
pheromoneWhen, for instance in Solenopsis, the food source is so large that many ants are needed, mass-acting pheromones are released.Do plants, then, also communicate by means of airborne pheromones or in some other, perhaps more subtle fashion, as well?Pests are monitored with traps laced with attractive pheromones, to time limited chemical spraying with ultra-low volume equipment.Meanwhile, new subscribers began to flock, like moths scenting pheromones, to the Times.
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