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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishphilanthropicphil‧an‧throp‧ic /ˌfɪlənˈθrɒpɪk◂ $ -ˈθrɑː-/ adjective  GIVEa philanthropic person or institution gives money and help to people who are poor or in troublephilanthropically /-kli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
philanthropicMany of them had educational or philanthropic aims.At 55 he could claim a distinguished record of philanthropic and public service which included setting up the Royal Army Education Corps.One result was a considerable amount of low-cost tenement building by philanthropic associations in the cities from the early 1880s.Nineteenth-century philanthropic endeavour, if inadequate and ill-coordinated, was nevertheless conducted on a large scale.The events have raised more than $ 900,000 for worthy philanthropic organizations throughout greater Los Angeles.His intention was philanthropic rather than commercial.He looked up fast, extremely pleased in a philanthropic way but still hanging back for himself.
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