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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishphilanthropistphi‧lan‧thro‧pist /fɪˈlænθrəpɪst/ noun [countable]  GIVEa rich person who gives a lot of money to help poor people
Examples from the Corpus
philanthropistInstead, she portrayed herself as a philanthropist, eager to help old friends down on their luck.He has long been famous as a classical scholar, and more recently as a philanthropist.However, in the manner of all philanthropists, she believed thrift to be the more correct solution.In Victorian times, factory owners were often also philanthropists.Enthusiasts have compared the two men to turn-of-the century industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.Losh was an active reformer and philanthropist.The city library was built by a 19th-century philanthropist.One child was in the care of the Misses Beevers, prominent local philanthropists.the millionaire philanthropist, Graham PauloThe philanthropist Fred finds out how to do something beautiful.By the late 1800s, medals began going to philanthropists, inventors and explorers.
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