Date: 1800-1900
Origin: telephone


1 noun
phone1 S1 W2 [countable]
answer the phone come to the phone phone number the phone rings the phone goes dead (=you can no longer hear the person you were speaking to on the telephone) phone conversation by phone/over the phone (=using the telephone) on the phone (=speaking on the telephone) off the phone (=no longer using the telephone) phone company mobile phone/mobile British English cellphone/cellular phone especially American English
Louise got up to answer the phone.
She's too busy to come to the phone right now. Can you call back later?
What's your phone number?
The phone rang. It was Pam.
Before he could answer, the phone went dead.
a secret tape of Diana's phone conversations
Much of his work is done by phone.
Who was that on the phone?
I wish Amy would get off the phone.
cellphone mobile phone pay phone
2 the part of a telephone into which you speak [= receiver]:
She picked up the phone and dialled.
Jean put the phone down (=after she had finished her conversation) and burst out laughing.
He put the phone down on me (=before I had finished speaking).

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