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phoneticspho‧net‧ics /fəˈnetɪks/ noun [uncountable]  SLthe science and study of speech soundsphonetician /ˌfəʊnəˈtɪʃən, ˌfɒn- $ ˌfoʊ-/ noun [countable]GRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?Phonetics is followed by a singular verb: Phonetics is a branch of linguistics.
Examples from the Corpus
phoneticsMoreover, we must not forget that the 895 phonetics identified by Soothill have an independent existence.Research facilities include computing systems, a phonetics laboratory, and several major libraries.A knowledge of these 895 will, obviously, include the 660 that occur as independent phonetics.Nabokov was wrong - rather surprising, this - about the phonetics of the name Lolita.As reading down the columns shows, the meanings of the phonetics, on the other hand, do not.Virginal Vera, besotted with phonetics.
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