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physical therapy

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishphysical therapyˌphysical ˈtherapy noun [uncountable] American English  a treatment that uses special exercises, rubbing, heat etc to treat medical conditions and problems with muscles syn physiotherapy British English
Examples from the Corpus
physical therapyTheir wing was equipped with a rocking-bed ward, an iron-lung ward, and a physical therapy room.Prior to his appointment, Wehe has been a physical therapy supervisor at Altru.This may be accomplished by periodic formal physical therapy sessions backed up by daily home exercises.Research in the laboratory, in physical therapy, and in new surgical procedures received high priority.Some of that has been accomplished inside the hospital by using new anesthetics and more intense physical therapy.She was hoping for a course of physical therapy.You will allow your arms to heal and then you will embark on a sensible and moderate course of physical therapy.Coles defeated the odds by designing his own physical therapy program that included riding a stationary bike.
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