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physiophys‧i‧o /ˈfɪziəʊ $ -zioʊ/ noun (plural physios)  1 MN[countable] informal a physiotherapist2 [uncountable] physiotherapy
Examples from the Corpus
physioTottenham coach Ray Clemence and physio Dave Butler dragged their man away.Sarah, my physio, had her work cut out this time.Oh yes, I had a gentleman turn up for some physio on his arm.We have our own dental surgery, physio department, dispensary, X-ray unit.I expected the treatment by the physio to work the same miracle.
physio-physio- /fɪziəʊ, -ziə $ -zioʊ, -ziə/ (also physi-) prefix  1 relating to nature and living things physiology (=study of how the body works)2 physical physiotherapy (=treatment using exercises etc)
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