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physiognomyphys‧i‧og‧no‧my /ˌfɪziˈɒnəmi $ -ˈɑː-, -ˈɑːɡ-/ noun (plural physiognomies) [countable]  technicalHBHAPPEARANCE the general appearance of a person’s face
Examples from the Corpus
physiognomyHe has studied the details of their forms and physiognomy and renders them in a manner both truthful and original.Chris's physiognomy shows Botham lines AT first glance, who would you say this gent looks like?The flaws, if such they are, are in the physiognomy of a giant.We have become expert in the physiognomy of pleasure, the nodes to press, the points to massage.I did not want to mirror the face-value language, the physiognomy of the architecture.His approach to the Celts was deliberate; he intended to preserve the physiognomy of a world in danger of disappearing.
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