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physiotherapistphys‧i‧o‧ther‧a‧pist /ˌfɪziəʊˈθerəpɪst $ -zioʊ-/ noun [countable]  MNsomeone whose job is to give physiotherapy syn physical therapist American English
Examples from the Corpus
physiotherapistAs a physiotherapist, Roebuck knew how painful, demanding and difficult the recovery period and rehabilitating process would be.They were conducted by a physiotherapist.Patients were assessed and treated as necessary by a physiotherapist.Advice on diet is offered and the child receives abdominal massage, anti-constipation exercises, and hydrotherapy from a physiotherapist.Some physiotherapists have intuitively incorporated this response into their work.It is not surprising that a high proportion of patients burst into tears as soon as the physiotherapist begins work.
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