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pick and choose

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpick and choosepick and chooseto choose only the best people or things, or only the ones that you really like Come on, you haven’t got time to pick and choose. pick
Examples from the Corpus
pick and chooseBut if you've got your own boat and you're not allergic to work, you can pick and choose.And so you can pick and choose and try to get the right mixture or balance.He could afford to take it easy and he picked and chose carefully whatever he wanted to do.At Thrush Green she would be able to pick and choose her employers.Unlike us correspondents, who could pick and choose our risks, they had no choice.There have been no secret meetings of the Democrat majority to pick and choose personnel.You can't just pick and choose which laws you're going to follow.Friendlies are the easiest to start with, as you can pick and choose your opponents.Remember, however, to pick and choose your wheat berries according to type.
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