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pick your nose

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpick your nosepick your noseto remove mucus from your nose with your finger Don’t pick your nose! pick
Examples from the Corpus
pick your noseDavey, don't pick your nose!Edwina Currie was opening her post, Sir James Spicer was picking his nose.You have to watch them picking their noses.Centuries later the light brought two of the shepherds, the tall one picking his nose, and Douthwaite smirking.Please don't pick your nose at the table.I just saw a man trying not to pick his nose behind his newspaper!The young Eric was looking away and picking his nose, looking bored.He wouldn't be allowed to fart or pick his nose or put his feet on the table.The toilet stank of urine, and at one point a chef was seen picking his nose while preparing food.
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