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pick your teeth

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpick your teethpick your teethDFHBHto remove bits of food from between your teeth with your finger or a small pointed object pick
Examples from the Corpus
pick your teethHands to muzzle, he delicately picked his teeth.There was a long pause while he picked his teeth and looked down into the seat of his chair.They were there at lunchtime and still there in the evening, just reading, picking their teeth, and watching.He was picking his teeth with a match while some one on the phone talked his ear off.Woolley picked his teeth with a matchstick.Well, pop a mint, our friends, head for the hills, and pick your teeth with a mesquite twig.He began to pick his teeth with a toothpick.The man sawed very quickly with one hand and picked his teeth with the other hand.
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