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pick your way through/across/among etc something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpick your way through/across/among etc somethingpick your way through/across/among etc somethingMOVE/CHANGE POSITIONCAREFULto walk in a slow careful way, choosing exactly where to put your feet down She picked her way between the puddles. He picked his way down the narrow staircase. pick
Examples from the Corpus
pick your way through/across/among etc somethingHardly glancing at Berowne's body Dalgliesh picked his way across the carpet to Harry Mack and squatted beside him.I picked my way through the noisy tables and went into the Gents.Publishers and booksellers will have to pick their way through a landscape made strange and problematic by change.So four of us took our stirrup pumps and torches and picked our way through what was a minefield.The Arvins came picking their way through rubble, nervous as rats, poking people aside with the barrels of their M-16s.There was just one lock, and I picked my way through it with ease.They picked their way through broken pieces of furniture, their feet crunching across splintered glass and wood.We pick our way across the cement floor and into the battered portacabin.
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