Date: 1300-1400
Origin: Perhaps from pie 'magpie' ( MAGPIE); because the different things in a pie are like the different things a magpie collects


Related topics: Food
pie S2 [uncountable and countable]
1DF fruit baked inside a pastry covering
slice/piece of pie
Would you like another piece of apple pie?
2 British EnglishDF meat or vegetables baked inside a pastry or potato covering:
I had steak and kidney pie with chips.

slice/share/piece of the pie

a share of something such as money, profits etc:
The smaller companies want a bigger share of the pie.

pie in the sky

something good that someone says will happen, but which you think is impossible or unlikely:
Hope of a cure is just pie in the sky.
mud pie, pie chart

➔ easy as pie

at easy1 (1)

➔ eat humble pie

at humble1 (6)

➔ have a finger in every pie

at finger1 (7)

➔ be as nice as pie

at nice (11)

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