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piedpied /paɪd/ adjective [only before noun]  HBAused in the names of birds that are black and white a pied wagtail
Examples from the Corpus
piedFor the male pied flycatcher, bigamy is obviously a successful strategy, but it also requires quite complex behavioural adaptations.A delightful small black and white bird appeared: a male pied flycatcher.The distinctive black and white summer plumage of the male pied flycatcher.A key adaptation in pied flycatchers, therefore, is the timing of their breeding season.They now began to side with the extreme wing of the pied noir integrationist movement, which openly called for his overthrow.He's a pied piper of sorts, being somewhat successful in drawing young people to the hate movement.The flashy gear turned you, however unwillingly, into a sort of pied piper of Western materialism.Five pied wagtails landed silently on the white-hot sand on the far side of the square.
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