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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpiercingpierc‧ing1 /ˈpɪəsɪŋ $ ˈpɪr-/ adjective  1 eyes/lookLOOK AT literary someone with piercing eyes is looking at you and seems to know what you are thinking There was mockery now in those piercing blue eyes. She felt foolish and unsure under his piercing gaze. He gave her a piercing look.2 soundHIGH SOUND OR VOICELOUD/NOISY a sound that is piercing is high, sharp, and unpleasant He grinned and let out a piercing whistle. a piercing screamsee thesaurus at high, loud3 windCOLD a piercing wind is very cold4 pain causing a lot of pain She felt a piercing sensation in her arm.5 emotionSAD/UNHAPPY [only before noun] affecting your feelings very deeply in a sad way a piercing moment of regretpiercingly adverb It was piercingly cold. She looked at him piercingly.
Examples from the Corpus
piercingHer voice was nasal and piercing.piercing beams of lighthis piercing blue eyesCloudy and unfocused for a moment, his eyes quickly regained their normal piercing clarity.There came a piercing cry from the back of the cinema.From the cinema itself there also came a piercing cry.Letterman's piercing humorThe whistling became louder, more piercing, more painful.He felt a sudden piercing need to reach out, capture her hand and pull her into his arms.Some one screamed, a high shrill piercing noise that caused her to break out in goose pimples.The focus of his gaze has a startlingly piercing quality; an intensity that seems to strike at your very core.Maggie let out a piercing scream as she saw the truck speeding toward her.Maggie let out a piercing scream.He raised his hands and let out a piercing shriek.Then there was a piercing, terrified scream.She had a piercing vision of what life would be like without David.Her eyes were a piercing, watery blue.Sammy put his finger and thumb in his mouth and gave a piercing whistle.an icy piercing windpiercing gazeThat piercing gaze threatened immediate reprisal, the tough, unyielding stance of his hard body blocked her path and intimidated her.
piercingpiercing2 noun [countable, uncountable]  a hole made through part of your body so that you can put jewellery there, or the process of making these holes
Examples from the Corpus
piercingFacials, body massage, ear piercing - it's all on offer.
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