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pigmentationpig‧men‧ta‧tion /ˌpɪɡmənˈteɪʃən/ noun [uncountable] technical  HBCOLOUR/COLORthe natural colour of living things The dark pigmentation gives protection from the sun’s rays.
Examples from the Corpus
pigmentationCould you please advise me on this matter as there is so little literature available on skin allergies and pigmentation.Melanism Melanism is an excess of black pigmentation, resulting in a black or dark grey fish.The merchants realised how well pink coral would show up against dark pigmentation.No, the essential problem is pigmentation.It has no pigmentation to give it color or to protect it from the sun.There is no pigmentation and no edema.The amount of pigmentation tends to increase slightly with age up to adolescence and brings with it a gradual improvement in visual acuity.skin pigmentationIn due course he was returned to normal health, except that the acids had removed all the pigmentation from his exposed skin.
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