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pigstypig‧sty /ˈpɪɡstaɪ/ noun (plural pigsties) [countable]  1 TAa building where pigs are kept syn pigpen American English2 UNTIDY informal a very dirty or untidy place syn pigpen American English The house was a pigsty, as usual.
Examples from the Corpus
pigstyI don't know how you can stand living in a pigsty like this.If she wants to sleep in a pigsty, let her sleep there.This place is a pigsty! Clean it up.This room's a pigsty.They will search every farm, byre, barn, store, cowshed and pigsty until they reach the ten-mile ring.She saw her father trudging back from the pigsty toward the house.And the strangest thing, right in the middle of the pigsty, was a big brass bed.I suggest you whitewash out the pigsties and the cowsheds.Remember how they whitewashed the pigsties before they'd let their men sleep there?
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