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pilchardpil‧chard /ˈpɪltʃəd $ -ərd/ noun [countable] British English  DFFHBFa small fish that lives in the sea and that can be eaten
Examples from the Corpus
pilchardHard times for the hake and pilchard, next on the U.S. shopping list.Local fishermen remember times when shoals of pilchards stretched for miles.He had bought three large tins of pilchards.Other pilchards were kept for home consumption.Sprat sandals, tuna trainers, cod court shoes pilchard pumps or perhaps even bream brogues.He tried two of the pilchard keys in the lock and put one away immediately.October came and with it the hake, caught with the pilchard nets but some also on hook and line.Each Looe family would stock up, taking up to two thousand pilchards for the Winter.
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