2 verb
pile2 [transitive]
1 [always + adverb/preposition] to fill a place or container or cover a surface with a large amount of things
pile something into/onto etc something
He piled bread and milk into his basket.
Melissa piled spaghetti onto her plate.
be piled with something
a chair piled with velvet cushions
The room was piled high with boxes (=filled with a lot of boxes).
2 also pile up to arrange things in a pile:
Ma stacked the cups and piled the plates.
pile something on/onto something
She brushed her hair and piled it carefully on top of her head.

pile in

phrasal verb
if people pile in, they get into a vehicle very quickly:
Pierre came to pick them up, and they all piled in.

pile something ↔ on

phrasal verb

pile it on/pile on the drama

to talk about something in a way that makes it seem much worse than it really is [= exaggerate]:
I know I'm piling it on a bit, but there is a serious point to be made.

pile on the pressure/agony

to show that you are much better than your opponent in a game:
England piled on the pressure from the start.

pile on the pounds

to gain a lot of body weight:
She slimmed down a couple of years ago but has piled on the pounds again.

pile out

phrasal verb
if people pile out, they leave a place or get out of a vehicle quickly and in a disorganized way:
Edward parked by the river and we all piled out.

pile up

phrasal verb
1 to increase in quantity or amount, in a way that is difficult to manage:
It wasn't long before the debts were piling up.
The traffic starts piling up around this time.
The work has a tendency to pile up if I'm not careful.

pile something ↔ up

to arrange things in a pile:
tiny doughnuts piled up in a dish

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