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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpileupˈpileup, pile-up noun [countable]  ACCIDENTa traffic accident involving many vehicles a motorway pile-upsee thesaurus at accident
Examples from the Corpus
pileupa multiple pile-up involving a minibus and five carsOr it could be just an old fashioned pile-up.Several people were injured in a 12-vehicle pile-up on the M25 near Wisley, Surrey.Slick roads caused a six-car pile-up along Highway 30.The pile-up happened in thick fog and caused a seven-mile tailback on the motorway.Beyond, a glimpse of carnage - the pile-up on the southbound lane resembled a scrap metal yard.But the sensational pile-up re-emphasised that any horse could win the National and revitalised public interest.In another accident two people were taken to hospital after a three-car pile-up on the A350, near Chippenham, in Wilts.Killed in a pile-up on the M25 on her way home from the airport.Later a 30-vehicle pile-up shut the M62 near Humberside.No wonder there were pile-ups on the autobahn.
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