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pilot study/project/scheme etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpilot study/project/scheme etcpilot study/project/scheme etcTEST/EXPERIMENTa small study, project etc which is carried out as a test to see if an idea, product etc will be successful a pilot scheme which could be extended to other areas pilot
Examples from the Corpus
pilot study/project/scheme etcOlmsted saw Niagara as a pilot project for a larger and more ambitious campaign.Under a pilot scheme multinationals have been allowed to issue their own work permits to foreign staff.A pilot study is being carried out with Manchester University.The colours were roughly matched for salience in pilot studies with healthy observers.With modest resources, the Agriculture Department is introducing the new technologies to growers in a handful of pilot projects nationwide.The Environmental Defense Fund brokered a series of pilot projects in Juarez, including one to test vehicle emissions.Schools are being invited to put forward their brightest pupils to do the tests as part of the pilot scheme.The pilot scheme bid backed in principle by the committee yesterday is proposed for Darlington and Durham.
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