Date: 1500-1600
Language: French
Origin: pilote, from Italian pedota, from Greek pedon 'oar'


1 noun
Related topics: Television and Radio, Air, Water
pi‧lot1 W3 [countable]
1TTA someone who operates the controls of an aircraft or spacecraft:
an airline pilot
a fighter pilot
The official report into the accident says that it was caused by pilot error (=a mistake by the pilot).
2TTW someone with a special knowledge of a particular area of water, who is employed to guide ships across it:
a harbour pilot

pilot study/project/scheme etc

a small study, project etc which is carried out as a test to see if an idea, product etc will be successful:
a pilot scheme which could be extended to other areas
4AMT a television programme that is made in order to test whether people like it and would watch it:
a pilot for a new sitcom
automatic pilotWORD FOCUS: plane WORD FOCUS: plane
similar words: airplane also aeroplane British English, aircraft

planes that carry people: passenger plane, airliner, jumbo

a military plane: warplane, bomber, fighter

people on a plane: pilot, co-pilot, captain, flight crew, cabin crew, passenger, flight attendant, steward, air hostess

the place where a plane lands or takes off: runway, the tarmac, airport, aerodrome BrE old-fashioned

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