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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpin-upˈpin-up noun [countable]  1 PICTUREa picture of an attractive person, often not wearing many clothes, that is put up on a wall to be looked at and admired a pin-up of her favourite boy band2 ATTRACTsomeone who appears in pin-up pictures or who is considered attractive by a particular group of people He’s becoming the thinking woman’s pin-up.
Examples from the Corpus
pin-upA pin-up was tacked to the wall with drawing pins, whereas a reproduction print was carefully framed and positioned.The shop's youngest fixture is a nearly-clothed pin-up.He kept no pin-up on his locker, he was never seen writing a letter of any sort, let alone a love-missive.The picture was as flat and uncommunicative as all his pictures and seemed to be an asexual kind of pin-up.The pin-up, Mark, got torn down.
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