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pincerpin‧cer /ˈpɪnsə $ -ər/ noun  1 [countable usually plural]HBF one of the pair of claws that some shellfish and insects have, used for holding and cutting food, and for fighting2 pincers
Examples from the Corpus
pincerThose at either end of the line usually advance rather faster than those in the centre so that a pincer movement develops.Kino seemed to picture a kind of great Catholic pincers to squeeze out the Protestant intrusion.Suddenly he grabs her pincers with his.Some grew to a length of two metres and were armed with immense pincers with which they seized smaller creatures.In one later incarnation, she is depicted as severe, with a scalpel and a large pair of pincers.Bovis are using a special pincer machine to demolish covered ground level car parks.They had thus executed a vast pincer movement, and won the first round.
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