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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpinchedpinched /pɪntʃt/ adjective  THIN PERSONa pinched face looks thin and unhealthy, for example because the person is ill, cold, or tired She had a small pinched face with sad eyes.
Examples from the Corpus
pinchedHer face had gone white and very pinched.She has also a teething baby, pinched and veined and smelling of milk.They went home with pinched ears and bruised legs where she'd hit them.Ruth looked away in panic then braved herself to look back but the gaunt, pinched face had gone.Cuts in spending are having a direct effect on the already pinched local schools.I ignored such men with their closed faces and pinched noses.In the gap between the brassière and the pinched waistband of her skirt, her flesh bulged in a pale soft band.The pinched woman in a pink overall and blue mittens in the ticket office squinted at our passes and nodded us on.
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