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pinking shears

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pinking shearsˈpinking ˌshears (also pinking scissors) noun [plural]  TZa special type of scissors with blades that have V-shaped teeth, used for cutting cloth
Examples from the Corpus
pinking shearsBecause it is ripstop, and fraying is therefore limited, pinking shears would only be decorative and not at all necessary.Madeleine picked up a pair of pinking shears and began to slice through the material.This Katherine bites the heads off rag-dolls and threatens her sister Bianca with a pair of pinking shears.To prevent excessive fraying cut out using sharp pinking shears.Cut along these lines using pinking shears. 4 Unfold and place the three strips on top of each other.Trim the raw edges of the fabric with pinking shears.
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