Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: pinte, from Medieval Latin pincta, from Latin, past participle of pingere 'to paint'; probably because a mark was painted on a bottle to show how much it contained


Related topics: Drink, Measurement
pint S2 [countable]
1 written abbreviation ptTM a unit for measuring an amount of liquid, especially beer or milk. In Britain a pint is equal to 0.568 litres, and in the US it is equal to 0.473 litres
pint of
Add two pints of water to the mixture.
half a pint of milk
a pint glass (=a glass which will hold a pint of liquid)
2 British EnglishDFD a pint of beer, especially one that you drink in a bar [↪ half]:
He's gone down the pub for a quick pint.

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