Language: Old English
Origin: pipa, from Vulgar Latin, from Latin pipare 'to make a high sound'


1 noun
Related topics: Daily Life, Tobacco, Technology
pipe1 S2 W3 [countable]


TD a tube through which a liquid or gas flows:
a frozen waste pipe
copper pipes
A pipe had burst in the kitchen and flooded the floor.

; ➔ exhaust pipe

at exhaust2 (2), windpipe

for smoking

DFT a thing used for smoking tobacco, consisting of a small tube with a container shaped like a bowl at one end:
Dad was there, smoking his pipe.
pipe tobacco


a) APM a simple musical instrument like a tube, that you play by blowing panpipes
b) APM one of the metal tubes that air passes through when you play an organ

the pipes

APM bagpipes

pipe dream

a hope, idea, plan etc that is impossible or will probably never happen:
In many parts of the country, democratic elections are simply a pipe dream.

put/stick that in your pipe and smoke it

spoken used to say that someone must accept what you have just said, even though they do not like it

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