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piperpip‧er /ˈpaɪpə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  APMsomeone who plays a pipe or the bagpipes
Examples from the Corpus
piperAnd like a piper, Horton led the two little by little into the world of dance.There are pipers here going up and down.The Sergeant was a very good piper and would have gone on all night.Banquet-goers were treated to a march past of pipers during the reception.Above the marble mantlepiece in Lennox Berkeley's study hangs and eighteenth-century mirror ornamented with gilded Pan pipers.Bagpipes are considered family heirlooms and the pipers provide their own.The man who pays the piper does his best to call the tune.But not a day goes by, since June, that the piper isn't paid.
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