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pipettepi‧pette /pɪˈpet $ paɪ-/ noun [countable]  HHTa thin glass tube for sucking up exact amounts of liquid, used especially in chemistry
Examples from the Corpus
pipetteThen it is gripped by suction to the end of a pipette, under the microscope.If the injection pipette is renewed between operations, solutions can be injected using the simpler in vitro injection pipette. 10.Straight holding and in vitro injection pipettes are appropriate for manipulations carried out in a manipulation chamber.She had to be fed, as well as by me, with a kind of pipette, like a fountain pen filler.Thoroughly mix using a Pasteur pipette.In each case the pipette should be gently inserted and withdrawn from the fluid in order to minimize disturbance.If the chromosomes are in the pipette then they will glow-because they have been treated with fluorescent dye.
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