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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpiquantpi‧quant /ˈpiːkənt/ adjective  1 HOT TASTEhaving a pleasantly spicy taste a piquant wild mushroom saucesee thesaurus at taste2 INTERESTINGinteresting and excitingpiquantly adverbpiquancy noun [uncountable] The production retains its original piquancy.
Examples from the Corpus
piquantIt is always fresh and often pleasingly piquant.The piquant champignons had large mushroom caps stuffed with crumbled country sausage and topped with bread crumbs.a tale full of piquant characters and vivid descriptionsSteve maintains that the peppers give the bland turkey a piquant flavour.His cilantro-laced sauteed shrimp, piquant goat-cheese salad and tender smoked salmon fettuccine are heavenly enough.She was weighed down with a confusing mixture of feelings that sometimes felt so mellow and piquant, it was almost pleasant.This image of an undamaged whole brought with it a doubt which Franca found piquant rather than disturbing.A piquant salsa verde brought everything together.a piquant sauce with garlic and red peppersThe piquant sweetness of rhubarb stalks, cooked and raw, have always been popular abroad.
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