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pissed off

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpissed offˌpissed ˈoff (also pissed American English) adjective [not before noun] informal not polite  ANNOYannoyed, disappointed, or unhappy You get really pissed off applying for jobs all the time.pissed off with/at I was pissed off with the way some people were behaving. Judy’s pissed at Carol.
Examples from the Corpus
pissed offI think my boss is pissed off because I want to leave.get ... pissed offAlejandro gets pissed off and shouts if you don't do the right thing straight away.I was getting really pissed off at him and finally I exploded.And then I end up getting really pissed off because here I am trying to play with him.White guy's getting pissed off in his car.I know you were getting pissed off with Edward needling you like that, but you can tell me, surely.And I got pretty pissed off with that stuff.
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