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pistonpis‧ton /ˈpɪstən/ noun [countable]  TEa part of an engine consisting of a short solid piece of metal inside a tube, which moves up and down to make the other parts of the engine move
Examples from the Corpus
pistonSome of their multi-cylinder motor cycle engines have pistons little bigger than thimbles.Here, the float arm closes a horizontal piston, fitted with a washer against the valve seating.It consists of an upright cylinder containing a twelve-inch piston with rod two and a half inches in diameter.He used a cane and tried to walk fast and his hips bobbed like pistons gone awry.Controlled by computer and battery-powered hydraulics, they push or pull like pistons to damp movement by the walls.But as the barrel swung it would push a small piston that, in return, moved the hand lever.The steel piston is fitted with brass piston rings which, says Hytek, makes for longer life.This is a wonderful piece of ancient machinery of indeterminate age, and consists of a crank-driven triple piston pump.
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