Sense: 1-5, 7-9
Date: 1400-1500
Origin: PITCH2
Sense: 6
Origin: Old English pic, from Latin pix


1 noun
pitch1 W3

sports field

[countable] British EnglishDSDS a marked out area of ground on which a sport is played [= field]
football/cricket/rugby etc pitch
the world-famous Wembley football pitch
He ran the length of the pitch and scored.
on the pitch (=playing a sport)
Jack was on the pitch for his school in the Senior Cup Final.

strong feelings/activity

[singular, uncountable] a strong level of feeling about something or a high level of an activity or a quality:
The controversy reached such a pitch (=become so strong) that the paper devoted a whole page to it.
a pitch of excitement/excellence/perfection etc (=a high level of excitement etc)
He screamed at her in a pitch of fury.
The goal roused the crowd to fever pitch (=a very excited level).


a) APM [singular, uncountable] how high or low a note or other sound is:
Ultrasonic waves are at a higher pitch than the human ear can hear.
b) APM [uncountable] the ability of a musician to play or sing a note at exactly the correct level:
She's got perfect pitch.


[countable] informalBBT the things someone says to persuade people to buy something, do something, or accept an idea:
an aggressive salesman with a fast-talking sales pitch
make a/somebody's pitch (for something) (=try to persuade people to do something)
He made his strongest pitch yet for standardized testing in schools.


[countable]DSB a throw of the ball, or a way in which it can be thrown:
His first pitch was high and wide.

black substance

[uncountable]TI a black, sticky substance that is used on roofs, the bottoms of ships etc to stop water coming through:
The night was as black as pitch (=very dark).
pitch-black, pitch-dark


[uncountable]TTATTA an up and down movement of a ship or an aircraft [↪ roll]:
the pitch and roll of the ship


[singular, uncountable] the degree to which a roof slopes or the sloping part of a roof:
the steep pitch of the roof


[countable] British EnglishDL a place in a public area where someone who sells things to people goes to sell things or where an entertainer goes to sell things or perform:
We found the boy at his usual pitch at the bottom of the Acropolis.

➔ queer somebody's pitch/queer the pitch for somebody

at queer3

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