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pitchedpitched /pɪtʃt/ adjective  AAHORIZONTALa pitched roof is sloping rather than flat
Examples from the Corpus
pitchedThere followed a pitched battle at a bridge across the Dnestr river leading into the town.After a pitched battle, no less than 29 of the gang were arrested.The other type of offence involved in effect a preconceived and premeditated pitched battle, often accompanied by the use of weapons.There were pitched battles, so they lay in wait for you.In 1867 forty-three gypsies pitched camp in the Cours la Reine and aroused much hatred among the Rouennais.Only five feet seven tall, he spoke in a high pitched drawl, a public school accent he often emphasized abroad.Timber fascias and barge-boards are standard, while many pitched roof garages feature timber-clad gable ends.We had to staple a polythene vapour barrier to the rafters of a pitched roof.