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pitched battle

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpitched battleˌpitched ˈbattle noun [countable]  1 WARa big battle between armies or large groups of people a pitched battle between the rival groups2 ARGUEan angry and usually long argument She wanted to avoid another pitched battle with her son. skirmish
Examples from the Corpus
pitched battleAfter a pitched battle, no less than 29 of the gang were arrested.The month before, the Metropolitans had fought a pitched battle with their rivals for control of City Hall.All three companies are in a pitched battle over who invented the technology.Our country is engaged in a pitched battle in a fiercely competitive commercial world.Thirty students were injured in a pitched battle with police.I had expected rage, flying pupusas, a pitched battle.She so much wanted to avoid another pitched battle with her son.The other type of offence involved in effect a preconceived and premeditated pitched battle, often accompanied by the use of weapons.
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