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pitilesspit‧i‧less /ˈpɪtɪləs/ adjective  1 CRUELshowing no pity and not caring if people suffer syn cruel a pitiless tyrant the pitiless bombing of Guernica2 DN literaryUNPLEASANT pitiless wind, rain, or sun is very severe and shows no sign of changing a night of pitiless rainpitilessly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
pitilessNevertheless, there are a few tales told of him which show him pitiless and cruel.Would she ever feel at home in this relentless, pitiless city?It reveals with pitiless clarity the inferiority of what has gone before.the pitiless desert suna pitiless dictatorCharles Dickens come back, there is plenty of material for a new novel about pitiless employers and hapless employees.The measures to be taken could be pitiless indeed.Even the darkness of night and the pitiless storm failed to stop the fierce contest...Their pitiless tide floods virtually every scene.He goes away from a living woman to celebrate his pitiless wedding with a shadowy ideal of conduct.
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