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pittedpit‧ted /ˈpɪtɪd/ adjective  1 MARKcovered with small marks or holes on the surface a red-faced man with pitted cheekspitted with The desert roads are pitted with potholes.2 DFCa pitted fruit has had the single hard seed removed from it pitted olives
Examples from the Corpus
pittedAround the perimeter of the head there is a pitted fringe, which is unique to this kind of arthropod.pitted prunesNine minutes later the plane was airborne from the pitted runway.The truck went racing down the pitted side streets.The pitted surface plates of the main fuselage slid past her lightening visor.Ybreska vaulted over the low, crumbling wall surrounding the old churchyard on to the rough pitted track which led towards Tbilisi.The deep pitted wrinkles above his eyes had softened outwards.
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