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plan B, Plan B

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplan B, Plan BPlan B plan Bplan B, Plan BPLANyour second plan, which you can use if things do not happen the way you expect It’s time to put Plan B into action. plan
Examples from the Corpus
plan B, Plan BPlan B can be designed to help you from becoming the victim of an organisation. 20.Plan B sprang to life as technicians, supervisors and even branch manager, Neil Gibson got stuck in.Plan B was no plan and we were off to Condoriri.Plan B was no plan, and with no plan could not really fail.Maybe we had better start looking around for a Plan B.Always have a plan B in case your original choice becomes impractical for any reason.Finding no road, we leave the terrarium on steroids to enact Plan B, which begins in Oracle.A professional Plan B is a systematic thought-out plan of action for furthering your career that includes the following steps.If the bus doesn't run on Sunday, then plan B is to drive up and pick her up.
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