2 verb
plan2 S1 W1 past tense and past participle planned, present participle planning
1 [intransitive and transitive] to think carefully about something you want to do, and decide how and when you will do it:
He immediately began planning his escape.
Talks are planned for next week.
The wedding was fine and everything went as planned (=happened the way it had been planned).
plan to do something
Maria didn't plan to kill Fiona. It was an accident.
plan ahead/plan for the future
Now that you're pregnant you'll have to plan ahead.
2 [transitive] to intend to do something
plan to do something
He said he planned to write his essay tonight.
plan on doing something
When do you plan on going to Geneva?
The former president is planning a return to politics.
3 [transitive] to think about something you are going to make, and decide what it will be like [= design]:
Planning a small garden is often difficult.
The system needs to be planned carefully.

plan something ↔ out

phrasal verb
to plan something carefully, considering all the possible problems:
I'll get the maps so we can plan out our route.

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