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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplannerplan‧ner /ˈplænə $ -ər/ ●○○ noun [countable]  PLANsomeone who plans and makes important decisions about something, especially someone whose job is to plan the way towns grow and developurban/city planner City planners are looking for ways to ease traffic. Many financial planners will help you shop for insurance.
Examples from the Corpus
plannerPlanners expect the new segment of the subway to carry as many as 3,000 people per day.But planners changed their mind as they realized the channels would have to be bigger and bigger.I worked as a city planner in New York for 15 years.City planners have been working for years on a new design for the plaza.Ned is a corporate planner in a large electronics products company.The unholy triumvirate of developer, planner and architect had maimed it for ever in the sixties and seventies.Economic planners fear that there will be a 5% fall in real incomes next year.The proposal will be carefully examined by a committee of executives, planners and consultants.a financial plannerPermission was granted - for a one year period - by local planners last week.Military planners and diplomats worry that the North's increasing distress over food supplies could provoke it to invade the South.Sadly, population planners and contraceptive manufacturers do not seem to share women's concerns.The commission has indeed sacrificed that power, planner Amit Ghosh later confirmed.The planners hoped that this would forge bonds between residents, and regarded the innovation as an exciting experiment in socialist living.I also enjoy working with other professionals such as town planners and architects.urban/city plannerTraditional building materials tend to imply low-rise housing, and urban planners have an ambivalent attitude to low-rise.All town and city planners aim to create a friendly environment by providing plants and trees.Equally modern was the initiation by Baroque city planners of systematic works of right-angle streets.Obviously, in a free economy city planners can not tell anyone what to build-only what not to build.One city planner said Escondido has become known as an incubator city.In the late I960s the city planners of Stuttgart tried to ease downtown traffic by adding a street.It remains to be seen whether the archaeologists will win out over the urban planners.
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