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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplanningplan‧ning /ˈplænɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  the process of thinking about and deciding on a plan for achieving or making somethinggood/bad/careful etc planning A little careful planning is important in gardening. ‘How did you manage to be so late?’ ‘Just bad planning.’ A little forward planning (=thinking about how to do something before doing it) can save you a lot of expense. Good financial planning is vital to business success. town planning, family planningCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesgood planningGood planning will ensure the move is as trouble-free as possible.bad planning‘I’ve got no money left.’ ‘That was bad planning.’careful planningTo do the job properly requires careful planning.meticulous planning (=very careful planning of every detail)Success had been achieved through the meticulous planning of their leader.forward planning (=thinking about how to do something before doing it)In order to have a reasonable pension in retirement, forward planning is essential.long-termLong-term planning centers on ensuring the future growth of the company.strategic planning (=relating to actions for achieving a plan, especially in a military, business, or political situation)He runs a business that offers companies advice on marketing and strategic planning.financial/economic planningOwing to poor financial planning, I was almost out of money.
Examples from the Corpus
planningIf work is needed in all of these areas, careful planning will be as important as hard work.We can't get planning permission on the coast anymore so we're looking inland.It seems doubtful that much planning was necessary.Porter first identifies the problem that will be encountered if one proceeds with portfolio planning without explicit management of these interdependencies.Our information services will benefit from longer-term planning than the current annual estimating cycle.A change in circumstances that could not have been predicted exactly does not mean that planning was incorrect in the first place.By then an issue on women's rights was already in the planning stage.Therefore we need to consider a model of decision making which can be applied to the planning process.good/bad/careful etc planningCareful planning and preparation make a difference.The programme can tell the operator the costs of menus and ingredients enabling better planning and budgetary control.This needs careful planning and it makes sense to start saving early.In the absence of careful planning, it will not occur.Either by good fortune or good planning, the Ibstock balance sheet is strong.Thus production processes require careful planning and controlling. 2.Since parties held under the auspices of the Fourth of July will be ongoing all weekend, some careful planning is required.However, this needs very careful planning and management.
From Longman Business Dictionaryplanningplan‧ning /ˈplænɪŋ/ noun [uncountable] when you think carefully about something you want to do in the future, and decide exactly how you will do itIf you want to ensure a trouble-free retirement, it’s never too early to start financial planning.The main planning focus for suppliers will be business planning to enable them to secure and fulfil contracts. corporate planning economic planning estate planning media planning strategic planning
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