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planning permission

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planning permissionˈplanning perˌmission noun [uncountable] British English  SCLofficial permission to build a new building or change an existing one
Examples from the Corpus
planning permissionRestaurants, cafes and public houses are outside the ambit of that class of use and planning permission is therefore required.However, planning permission is required, and legislation is tightening its grip on mast sites.However, if you're not sure whether you need planning permission or Buildings Regulations approval, talk to your local authority.Muriel opposed planning permission for the new community centre opposite her flat.But in the course of the conveyancing, it emerges that planning permission was not obtained.In this particular case it would seem that planning permission had been given after inadequate consideration of publicity.She wouldn't have got seventy-five thousand for that place, not with the planning permission on the land behind.
From Longman Business Dictionaryplanning permissionˈplanning perˌmission British English [uncountable]PROPERTY permission from a local government authority to build a house etc, or to change an existing building SYN PERMISSION TO BUILDThe company applied for planning permission to build a factory on the site.planning permission forThe committee voted to refuse planning permission for the petrol station. permission
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